Quico Viciano (1995) is a maker who utilizes both design and art as vehicles for expression. He lives and works in Castellón, having received his training at the Jaume I University, where he trained as an industrial design engineer.

His work centers around the exploration of design’s transformative potential. This is why his creative practice encompasses key issues such as productive sovereignty, self-production, sustainability, and accessibility. Furthermore, his approach is deeply intertwined with the ethos of Do-It-Yourself (DIY), digital fabrication, open design, free and open-source tools, as well as critical design.

He worked with:
Curro Claret (Barcelona, Spain) and Vicent Clausell (Castellón, Spain), PenyaLab (Castellón, Spain), Makea Tu Vida (Valencia, Spain) and many other people more or less linked to design and arts.

Exhibitions (as author):
Intercrea @Instituto Cervantes (Fuori Salone, Milan, 2017) and @Salon NUDE, Feria Hábitat (València, 2017)