Quico Viciano (1995) is a maker who uses design and art as a means of expression. He lives and works in Castellón, where he trained at Jaume I University as an industrial design engineer.

His work consists in exploring the transformative capacity of design, that is why his practice addresses issues such as productive sovereignty, self-production, sustainability or accessibility. There is also a strong link with the DIY ethic, digital fabrication, open design, free and open source tools or critical design.

He worked with:
Curro Claret (Barcelona, Spain) and Vicent Clausell (Castellón, Spain), PenyaLab (Castellón, Spain), Makea Tu Vida (Valencia, Spain) and many other people more or less linked to design and arts.

Intercrea @Instituto Cervantes (Fuori Salone, Milan, 2017) and @Salon NUDE, Feria Hábitat (València, 2017)